Antje Starost, Hans Helmut Grotjahn: "Freya - Love in the Time of Resistance", 2017

“I saw him and my heart stood still.” 18-year-old Freya Deichmann meets Helmuth James von Moltke. He is the love of her life. It is a love which must prove itself under the Third Reich. The story builds to a dramatic climax, wavering between hope and a final separation, when Helmuth is imprisoned. Every day could be their last. Their greatest happiness are their daily letters which are smuggled by the prison chaplain. It is a love in a time of resistance which does not even end with the execution of the loved one. The letters bear unique witness to an era, heart-piercing glimpses into an extraordinary existential situation of life and death. The lovers’ story is combined with previously undisclosed conversations with the then 90-year-old Freya in her house in Vermont: “material of astonishing beauty, poetry and passion.”

© Antje Starost, Hans Helmut Grotjahn, 2017

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87 min., Germany
Language: German
Subtitle: English and Polish
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Antje Starost Film Produktion

Rachel Freudenburg: "Freya", 2013

"Freya! is a 45-minute documentary film about Freya von Moltke (1911-2010), based on her last English language interview conducted in 2002. Amy Evans, the narrator, guides viewers through the Weimar Republic, the Second World War, Helmuth James and Freya's decision to resist Hitler--whatever the cost--Helmuth's arrest, imprisonment and trial, the postwar years and finally, Freya's involvement in the New Kreisau. Excerpts from Helmuth's "Letters to Freya," hundreds of historical photos, stock footage, the piano music of Bach and Busoni - perfomed by Veronica Jochum - and Gasieniec's "Kreisau Oratorio" bring this compelling story to life.

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45 min., USA.
© Rachel Freudenburg, 2013

Article "You See It Too Simply:" Freya von Moltke Looks Back on the Kreisau Circle", by Rachel Freudenburg, English language, 24 pages, 2004

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