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The Foundation

Many nations – including Germany, the United States, and Great Britain – who cared about the values of the Kreisau Circle and sought to ensure its legacy and thus established the Freya von Moltke Foundation for the New Kreisau. The goal was not only to maintain the memory of the Kreisau Circle but to also pass on its values into today.

The Freya von Moltke Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Berlin that is neither politically affiliated nor administered by governmental agencies. Revenues of the capital stock of the Foundation directly support the work of the New Kreisau. This work includes educational projects of the New Kreisau, and preservation and maintenance costs of the New Kreisau facility.

The Foundation hopes to accumulate enough capital over the next few years to guarantee continuous support of New Kreisau and its valuable initiatives. The Foundation’s Advisory Board includes prominent members of civil society such as parliamentarians, authors, and professors, all working for the realization of the New Kreisau’s goals.

Aerial view on the New Kreisau.