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Kreisau Today - A Place Where People Come Together

The former estate of the von Moltke family has been fully renovated and today houses an International Youth Meeting Center, the Historic Site and the European Academy.

Young people from all over Europe come together in Krzyżowa (formerly Kreisau) every year to discuss European and global questions, as well as learn to take responsibility for the futures of their communities, countries, and the world.

Krzyżowa/Kreisau annually accommodates more than 10,000 participants of all ages from Poland, Germany, and other European and non-European countries, with half of them participating in over 100 programs that last for more than one day. Others visit the New Kreisau and its historical site.

Some Kreisau projects include:

  • Polish-German Youth Exchange
  • International youth meetings (e.g. MICC)
  • Various student seminars with both historical and current subjects
  • Meetings for teenagers with disabilities (e.g. FairLife)
  • Art seminars and workshops
  • Teacher training workshops
  • History conferences
  • Study excursions
  • Seminars for the memorial site


A permanent exhibition conceived by the East-German reformer Ludwig Mehlhorn, together with his Polish partner Katarzyna Madon-Mitzner from Warsaw, is shown in the Schloss (manor house). Entitled “Living in truth” it informs about European resistance in dictatorships in the 20th century. The Berghaus with its special library of resistance literature offers an opportunity for longer periods of undisturbed study. Students working on topics in resistance history can stay at the Berghaus for up to three months.

A view across the restored Kreisau-estate.

The Berghaus. This is where the von Moltkes lived and where the Kreisau Circle met.

Picture of the Music Workshop "Songs Of Generations", July 2013.