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Young Donors

The Young Donors get involved with the content work of the Freya von Moltke Foundation. They support and participate in the foundation with a reduced contribution of once-only 150 €.

They come together in regular workshops on individual aspects of the Kreisau Circle and thus actively contribute to the educational work of the foundation.

The Young Donors are:

  • Ferdinand Bark, Frankfurt/Main, DE
  • Moritz Decker, Berlin, DE
  • Carolin Dembowski, Rotenburg, DE
  • Sebastian Dreier, Hanau, DE
  • Marie Ellersiek, Göttingen, DE
  • Oliver Engelhardt, Praha, CZ
  • Gregor Feindt, Wiesbaden, DE
  • Dr. Marie-Christine Fuchs, Berlin, DE
  • Ruben Gallé, Mauchenheim, DE
  • Mechthild Gräfin Grote, Gießen, DE
  • Sophie von Hülsen, Ahrensburg, DE
  • Lars Krägeling, Hennef, DE
  • Jan Kubišta, Praha, CZ
  • Andre P. H. Müller, Berlin, DE
  • Katharina Muscheler-Lorange, Frankfurt/Main, DE
  • Paula Oppermann, Berlin, DE
  • Felix Pawlowski, Berlin, DE
  • Carl Philipp Riedel, Berlin, DE
  • Tiphaine von Roten, Nyon, CH
  • Thibaut von Roten, Nyon, CH
  • Ricarda Schnelle, Göttingen, DE
  • Sophie von Schwerin, Zürich, CH
  • Ulrich von Schwerin, Berlin, DE
  • Carl-Friedrich von Stechow, Hamburg, DE
  • Denis Suarsana, Berlin, DE
  • Eike Ulrich Vater, Eschborn, DE
  • Alexander Wendland, Hamburg, DE
  • Jobst von Wintzingerode, Hannover, DE
  • Ya'en Benjamin Zhang, Gunten, CH

Are you interested in our work and want to get involved? For more information please contact Maria Rossmanith (jungestifter(at)fvms.de).

“Through discussion and dialogue with the young donors, it always becomes clearer how relevant the concepts of the Kreisau Circle were and are, even today…” – Eike Vater

"When the young donors meet in different events – just like the Kreisau Circle then – people with diverse personalities and different career backgrounds come together. The mutual tasks that bring us all together are to understand, spread and preserve the legacy of the Kreisau Circle. That’s why I am involved as a young donor."– Sophie von Hülsen

“The legacy of the Kreisau Circle, for me, represents some of the most important intellectual groundwork for Germany’s and Europe’s constitutional democracy. Therefore, I support the work of the Freya von Moltke Foundation as a young donor.” – Heinrich Jobst von Wintzingerode

“After several stays in Kreisau during my schooldays, I have been fascinated with this place and its history. Through my involvement as a young donor, I can re-live my excitement for Kreisau again. This was and is a personal and human gain.” – Carl Friedrich von Stechow

“In my career as a lawyer and diplomat in the Czech Foreign Affairs Office and later in the European external service for the EU, I utilize the intellectual ideas of the Kreisau Circle for international understanding and international cooperation in a united Europe.” – Jan Kubišta

“I am convinced of this: that my generation must contribute, with honest interest, to the common good in society. Kreisau is currently an excellent place for this. There, meetings are made possible, understanding between each other is encouraged and European relations are promoted. That’s why I am involved as a young donor.” – Lars Krägeling

“Agreement, exchange and understanding are very important to me. Kreisau bears witness to these actions. That’s why I am involved.” – Sebastian Dreier

“The open and democratic attitude of the Kreisau Circle resulted in the death of some of its members. In my opinion, this attitude must be kept alive, in the historical sense, as well as for the development of courageous attitudes for today’s and the upcoming generations. Since this is supported in the New Kreisau and through the meetings with the young donors, I involve myself as a young donor.” – Mechthild Köle

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